Top B2B Brands That Boast Of Great Video Marketing Tactics

A Video informs and entertains people and, good or bad, today most people prefer to watch a video rather than read a page of text.

Marketers should never forget that humans are visual creatures. Whether it is about B2C or B2B marketing, an effective video will always sell itself. Lately, video marketing has exploded and it has proved valuable in the B2B sphere as well. As per some statistics, 70% of the marketers in 2021 believed that video marketing resulted in a positive ROI.

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What is B2B video marketing?

B2B video marketing is a part of a typical B2B content marketing strategy that involves planning, creating, and sharing your content in video format with your B2B target audience. The popular video formats include social media videos, live streams, video podcasts, and more.

An effective B2B video marketing video has:

  • An appealing brand story to attract customers.
  • Fun-filled moments that make the video light-hearted and easy to digest.
  • Solutions to customers’ problems.
  • An emotional appeal that each user can relate to

B2B video marketing has become more popular today, and there are no signs of slowing down. Every B2B marketer must have a video marketing strategy in mind. If you are at the crossroads of creating one, the following examples can help you.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot has gone beyond the limit of marketing to create timeless marketing campaigns always, and its B2B video marketing success is just another feather to its cap. HubSpot presents multi-format video marketing, has a YouTube channel filled with brilliant case studies, podcasts, customer success stories, and more.

The video marketing strategy of HubSpot:

  • Sales funnel videos of 30 seconds each
  • Cases studies of 30 minutes each

HubSpot is an excellent example for every B2B brand to create specific and relevant content to drive conversions.

2. VeriSign

VeriSign is a brand to launch an entire marketing campaign under the assumed pseudonym, Liberty Fillmore. The company went on high risk to create an entirely new video marketing strategy. It created a series of videos, a microsite focusing on the eponymous hero, and social media posts.

Liberty could effectively communicate with abandoned shopping carts and in turn, it served to promote Verisign’s e-commerce capabilities.

Watch the video of the shopping cart here.

3. Cisco

Cisco presents a great example of B2B video marketing. The brand puts forth a strong message – creating videos is not only about high production costs, but they are also about understanding your audience and creating content that appeals to each one of them.

Cisco uses the following strategy to create B2B videos:

  • The length of each video ranges from 60-90 seconds.
  • Their online catalog has more than 3000 video snippets.
  • They produce near to 1,000 videos per year.

Cisco is a role model for B2B brands who want to produce videos showing solutions and sales funnel-targeted content.

4. Intel

We have all grown up looking at the Intel Inside videos. They are quirky, intriguing, and interesting. Intel is a B2B brand, and the popularity of its videos lies in its ability of unbelievable storytelling. It is an impressive feat for the company, which only specializes in manufacturing computer chips.

Unlike other brands, they do not focus on any how-to guides, or tutorials, instead their videos show:

  • Brand involvement in everything from wildlife photography to amateur rocketry.
  • You can watch tons of videos with The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons.

Find their YouTube channel here.

5. SAP

Check out Sap’s YouTube channel only to assess more on their videos: they represent the company as a multi-national ally for any business success. The company has beautifully targeted its customers on an emotional level, narrowed it down to solve the core problems at the heart of every business, and suggested solutions.

SAP believes in:

  • Offering a super-personalized approach to video marketing.
  • All their content is designed keeping in mind individual buyer persona.
  • Each user can easily navigate through the trail of videos to find the one required.

Here is one of its popular videos on its YouTube Channel.

B2B video marketing is the need of the hour. As per statistics, 32% of the businesses are using video for sales, and 69% of marketers expect the top content marketing investment for 2022 to be video. Video stays as the #1 type of content for the second year in a row as video is consumed as a primary source of content and media now.

Given the facts and figures, every B2B marketer must divert his or her mind towards creating effective videos.

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Top B2B Brands That Boast Of Great Video Marketing Tactics

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