Tips to Get Trending on Reels

Since the new feature Reels was added to Instagram it has become the best way for users to increase followers and engagement on Instagram, especially when reels go viral and show up on the trending page.

With the increasing popularity of Instagram reels, you may have asked yourself how to get trending on Reels. Here we have brought the top 5 Instagram Reels hacks that could help you get trending on Reels. Keep reading.

  1. Create Original Content

If you are not creative enough to create original content and all you know is to copy others’ concepts to make Instagram reels then we are sorry, your reels are never going to be trending. 

With thousands of creative users out there, why would anyone watch your reel when they have already watched something similar to it. You must generate new ideas and make Instagram reels to get trending on reels.

  2. Avoid TikTok Watermarks

As Instagram has officially announced that they will not promote reels with the TikTok watermark, you should avoid reposting your TikTok videos as Instagram reels. The social media app took this decision to encourage people to use Instagram reels over TikTok. So make sure you have removed the TikTok watermark before uploading it on Instagram.

  3. Use Hashtags

All the Instagram reels you make drown in hashtags. Take advantage of this and start putting the best hashtags on your reels. As there are not many users to use this function, there is much less competition in using hashtags. This increases your chance to get trending on reels.

You should use at least 3 to 5 hashtags to make the Instagram algorithm understand what your reel is related to. Make sure that you only use relevant hashtags to your reels.

  4. Lighting & Sound Does Matter

Creative content, proper lighting and good sound quality altogether make a quality reel. No matter how good your content is, if your video and sound quality are not balanced, your reels are not going to be trending whatsoever.

Creating reels in bright natural light is the best way to improve your video quality. Make sure your voiceover or music has no noise and is heard clearly before you post a reel.

  5. Follow Trends

Recreating what’s on trending is another best way to get trending on reels. Do the research and keep up to date with trends. As trends come and go very quickly, you should jump into the trends as soon as possible. While following trends make sure you recreate the trending content in a unique way.

If you use all the tips we mentioned above, slowly but surely your Instagram reels start being trending. If you don’t want to wait and want to get trending on reels instantly then we suggest you to visit Instant Famous where you can buy Instagram views instantly. Instant Famous is considered to be the best website to buy Instagram views all over the world.

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