Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Social media platforms connect billions of people who use them daily. Facebook alone has 2.8 billion users, and this number is only growing. By advertising on these networks, any brand can expose itself to a colossal audience. However, few companies actually excel at leveraging social media marketing. Do not repeat their missteps.

Every marketing guide says you should be authentic and post creative content. In practice, this does not always bring positive results. An experienced team like will help you avoid all the pitfalls to produce impactful content across networks. Here are the biggest don’ts of marketing campaigns.

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1. Working Without a Plan

You cannot use a brief five-step guide from the internet. Success on social media requires a thoughtful strategy based on relevant and measurable goals, targeting, choice of media, performance metrics, etc. Every brand needs a clear vision of who it will be talking to, how the posts will be marketed, and where the campaign is headed. Without a clear direction and benchmarks, any campaign falls flat. Make sure your company’s money is well-spent.

2. No Targeting

You cannot advertise your products to anyone. This is wasteful, to say the least. Every brand needs its own buyer personas to focus on. Get to know your audience, as the ads have to address their needs. This will also define the choice of platforms.

For example, LinkedIn is great for B2B sales, while Snapchat users are mostly young people under 35 who like having fun. Most people who use Instagram are 18-34 years old. Study behavioral patterns to understand how to drive sales through the right tone and content.

3. Fake Followers

This shortcut may still seem tempting, especially if your organic following has gone down. In reality, it is not only counterproductive — fake followers can jeopardize your brand image. First, this practice is a violation of Facebook and Instagram guidelines. Secondly, fake followers bring no value, do not engage with your posts, and do not buy anything.

Users can easily understand if your following has been inflated. For example, a brand with 2,000 followers but only 20 likes per post has probably paid for an unethical boost. Focus on sparking genuine conversations about your products, not buying bots for the sake of bigger numbers.

4. Wrong Tone

While users can post anything they like, brands need a strict policy. Every post, story, or video must tie in with your overall marketing campaign and the image you must project. At the same time, your company needs a voice that is neither too official nor too casual.

Be careful with jokes, as they may fail to deliver. Poor humor may even be offensive. For example, making fun of depression is guaranteed to spark outrage. Think hard about the tone before posting anything.

5. Irrelevant Hashtags

Hashtags are important for exposure. They must be relevant, but not overly populated (for example, #love and #beauty have been used for hundreds of millions of posts). You may also create a unique hashtag, so all posts related to your company will be grouped. Check every hashtag to make sure it is not connected to something irrelevant or offensive — for example, “#WhyIStayed You had pizza” reveals posts about domestic violence.

6. Ignoring Comments

Comments on posts boost engagement on both Instagram and Facebook. Responsiveness, questions, and opinions from users reinforce your connection with the target audience. People who have not used the products yet will see that you care about your customers, which may prompt them to buy from you.

7. Deleting Criticism

Removing negative comments is an awful mistake. Show the audience that you have nothing to hide, and respond to criticism politely. If the user highlights a legit issue, thank them for their feedback and resolve the problem. If the person is just being toxic, ignore their comment.

Final Words

Building a social media presence is challenging, but these mistakes are easy to avoid. Create content that evokes emotions and sparks conversations. Avoid aggressive salesy talk. Post beautiful photos and captivating videos that tell a story. Focus on bringing value to your audience. Give them a reason to follow you. Engage and inspire!

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