Prominent Middle East Manager Mahan Teymouri Announced Instagram Fan Page Marketing Plan

Mahan Teymouri, the Middle East top education manager, unveiled his new marketing plan called “Fan Page Marketing”.

TEHRAN, IRAN, July 26, 2021 / — Mahan Teymouri, the Middle East top education manager and owner of Mahan Teymouri International Educational Holding, unveiled his new marketing plan called “Fan Page Marketing”. This project, which is the result of more than a year of research in the field of social media marketing, was unveiled on July 20, 2021, at the most glorious conference of Iran’s Z Generation. He Inspired by the marketing project of the world’s largest marketers and talking to more than 100 leading social media marketers, he took a new initiative in the social media marketing industry called “Social Media Fan Page Marketing”.

In this scheme, personal brands with a high level of impact can use their fans to have pages on social media that support their content and use it to inform. The benefits of this type of marketing for influencers are enormous. Because they can promote their business without any cost and only with the support of the people, and that they can be the most profitable.

Less Cost Versus More Efficiency

One of the main concerns of any business is the discussion of advertising and its efficiency. Most small businesses and personal brands pay a heavy price for advertising but mostly suffer from inefficiency. But marketing fan fiction generally eliminates this problem. In fact, in fan page marketing, you are dealing with people who are your target audience and people who produce promotional content for you who know your business well. On the other hand, because you do not pay for the fan screws, your efficiency ratio is much higher.

Direct the Flow of Social Media

In any industry, the group of people who are in the top position is mostly less than ten. In fact, if you want to be top in your industry, you have only ten major competitors. These ten competitors, just like you, have media that influence the business flow of your industry. To take control of this flow, you either have to strengthen your media, which requires a lot of money, time, and energy, or you have to strengthen all your sub-media. Naturally, the first way is not economical for those who have become a personal brand, because they have worked hard and spent years to benefit from it financially and today. So the second option is a more logical one. With fan page marketing, you can keep track of the number of media that are on the same side as you in the social media business and take advantage of it.

Indirect Entrepreneurship

Social media is not just an entertainment platform these days. Rather, many social media are making money. In addition to being a good option for you as a personal brand or business owner, fan screw marketing can also generate revenue for those who are your fans. Because they use your brand, attract followers, and later they can make money through advertising or become a personal brand themselves.

And last but not least, the headline made you read this article: What is the meaning of all these positive things that you can do to help your business? As a leading entrepreneur, Mahan Teymouri has always said, “What puts your business at the forefront is empathy and unity among employees, customers, and fans.”

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