Is Refund Me If You Can the best video game marketing strategy of 2022 so far?

Refund Me If You Can has to be the most bizarrely named game to be released in 2022. However, it is not clickbait, as the game sets the player up for just one challenge. What might seem like a strange decision by the developers could just be the best marketing tactic out of all the video games released in 2022.


Marketing in video games is as important as any other industry. An efficient marketing campaign can make a mediocre game look better than it is. It is essential to any studio’s progress and can often be the difference between success and failure.

The developers of Refund Me If You Can have interestingly turned the game’s very name into something many gamers will recognize.

Indie game Refund Me If You Can has shown how to advertise a relatively unknown game

If the title’s name had been much more standard, the chances for it to grab the attention of gamers would have been much less. By naming it so, the developers have allowed gamers to identify with one of the most recognizable store policies on Steam.

When someone purchases a game on Steam, they can request a refund as long as they do not cross 120 minutes or two hours of playing it. Steam judges that two hours should be long enough for someone to know if the game is for them.

However, Refund Me If You Can do the opposite – it challenges the players to finish it in two hours. If a player is successful, they can place a request to get their money back.

@markiplier You should try “Refund me if you can” on steam. It’s a new horror game. It’s using steams refund policy as a gimmick. If you don’t beat it within the 2-hour window the ending is locked forever.

Developed by Sungame Studio, Refund Me If You Can is an indie horror game. Playing as protagonist Sarah, who is stuck in a nightmare, gamers will have to find their way across a maze. The only way Sarah can wake up is if she reaches the end.

If someone does not finish the game in two hours, the ending will be locked. Additionally, as an anti-prevention tactic, players cannot pause the game.

Based on the reviews on Steam, players can easily finish the game in less than two hours. However, they will have to remember the path. Not doing so can make a player get lost, which will not yield a good result. Listed for the price of a pizza, the developers have advertised it in such a way that it will attract many.


However, there will always be a dilemma if someone beats the game. While Sungame writes in the description that a refund can be made after the game has been beaten, it should be ethically wrong. Nevertheless, Refund Me If You Can is perhaps one of the best challenges possible, especially in the current landscape of horror games, where excellent titles are rare.

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