Influential Investor “Jay” Jiang YU Take on International Business

By Storyhub

Jay Jiang YU (ascend 48)

Perhaps you have come across the term “free lunch” in the investment world. It is one of the commonly used terms but can be hard to crack if you are a newbie in the industry. “Free lunch” refers to the diversification of investments. Many experts in the industry define it as holding investments that are bound to react differently in the same economy. Though popularly known as a risk reduction technique, Jay Jiang Yu, an investment guru, views it differently. He holds it as a way of maximizing returns and fast-tracking your financial goals.

Jay Jiang Yu is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors. He is the CEO and founder of many successful enterprises spread across various industries. With a net worth of about $50 million, Jay manages a large business portfolio. He is a private investor with a huge risk appetite and a relentless passion for more business success. As a renowned entrepreneur, many admire his expertise, skills, and ability to create success in everything he is involved in. He possesses the special Midas touch, evident in the majority of his investments.

He is a self-made businessman dominating the industry with diversified investments. His investments range from the highly coveted gold sector to the thriving sports and fitness equipment, blood diagnostics, the fast-growing fintech, and the legal cannabis market. Jay is also actively involved with the best brands and businesses, such as Airbnb. He has this unending desire to expand and diversify to any promising sector. Unlike how other investors, Jay does not find most investments too risky. It is the uncomfortable investments that sometimes end up yielding the best returns on investments.

Throughout his investment career, Jay has advised hundreds of private and public company executives with professional corporate advisory services. Capital funding, structured financing, mergers & acquisitions, IPO listing, branding, PR, and expert marketing analysis are some areas he tackles. He also has a deep understanding of commodity trading and general business development targeted at scaling brands or businesses to the next level.

Jay has a relentless passion for international business and, more importantly, success. He has traversed the world, meeting and learning from the best investors while sharing ideas. It is essential for him to present himself, describe his clear business intentions, and create the right networks and partnerships.

Jay has a passion for investing and aiding bright minds to find their way in business. Through strategic consulting, business incubation, and capital investment, he has mentored many start-ups to grow into thriving businesses. He employs his unique and highly flexible combination of business development process techniques. The strategies have been tried and tested, particularly to nurture new businesses by helping them survive and grow through the vulnerable stages of development.

He advises any aspiring entrepreneur or investor to dedicate their time and resources to something they are passionate about. It is more refreshing to wake up and do what you love most. Jay holds that the key is to ensure the business solves part of the human problems. Humans greatly influence businesses, and it’s crucial to learn and understand human behavior while in business.

Success is never guaranteed, and that’s why Jay insists on the importance of learning from your mistakes. According to him, it is okay to stumble, fail or lose the way, but don’t allow yourself to lose the lesson.

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