Get a high-demand job with associate degree

If you think you need a bachelor’s degree to land a high-demand job, think again.

Associate degrees can provide a faster, less-expensive route to a career and self-sufficiency. The health care field in West Michigan features many high-demand jobs available to those with a two-year degree.

Here’s how and why you might want to consider earning an associate degree.

Benefits of an associate degree

You can earn an associate degree in two years, as opposed to the four years or more to complete a bachelor’s degree program.

According to, in-state tuition at Michigan community colleges is around $3,570 a year, while in-state tuition at four-year institutions is about $12,810.

These figures exclude room and board and other school-related expenses.

Hot jobs in health care

The West Michigan Works 2021 Hot Jobs List features several in-demand, high-growth jobs with an associate degree as the recommended credential.