Create a Buzz with These 6 Marketing Tactics

By Allen Brown

Marketing has become a noisy business and it only got worse with social media. As creating and distributing content has become exponentially accessible, marketers, especially small businesses, find it hard to cut through the noise to make themselves heard and get their message across. However, almost every day, we see content going viral and businesses often bank on creating a buzz so they can stand apart. This can translate to very profitable results and hence buzz marketing can be an important weapon in your marketing arsenal. Here are a few tactics that can help.

Create Content That Sticks

When you start building a loyal audience, they start expecting more content from you. This means you have an opportunity to keep them engaged and also reach new people with multiple format content. Blogging is an effective and engaging way to amplify your message about new products or features or just generally staying relevant. It also positions you as a thought leader for your audience. Video content creates even more impact on your audience than written content through audio-visual stimuli. Companies can use video content in various ways to educate their audience in an engaging way that they can relate to and share.

Surprise and Engage

People respond to things that resonate with their values and fulfill their needs beyond expectation. The average consumer has more options today than they want. Companies now need to go above and beyond to stay relevant for consumers to build loyalty. That doesn’t always mean that they need to bring heaven and earth together. Consumers are more than happy when brands engage with them in simple ways like if they get a custom water bottle or something that shows the brand puts the customers first. It works not only for B2C businesses but also B2B companies who want to build brand loyalty with their audience base, where it is all the more relevant.

Recruit Influencers

It is a social media world and almost everyone using popular social media follows influencers in various areas of life. These influencers regularly post engaging content about their relevant field, be it travel, fitness, food, tech, art, you name it. You can also find a lot of niche influencers who cater to a very targeted audience with a very specific interest. This can be a marketer’s holy grail. By collaborating with influencers, companies can expand their reach by tapping into a relevant influencer’s audience who are primed to receive information about a particular topic. Let’s say you are in the skincare business with a revolutionary product for acne for a particular skin type. You could reach out and work with aestheticians or beauty influencers to talk to their audience about the benefits and use of this product.

Start a Branded Hashtag

A branded hashtag can work wonders to separate your message from the noise. When you create a catchy hashtag, it can give your audience an opportunity to follow your topic and messages easily and help them create and contribute their own content to your hashtag. That will only make your work easier for you. You’ll notice that most viral content is organic and it comes from people responding and contributing to your message. A hashtag helps cement that message succinctly in your consumers’ minds and consistently collect any new relevant material for them to follow continuously.

Tease Your Audience

People love a bit of mystery and teasers are a great way to play that up. As you create teaser content ahead of something like a new campaign or launch, it helps prime your audience to receive such messaging. As you deliver more content, you keep their attention and start generating buzz where they expect more information. The key to good teasers is having short yet impactful messages that tease but don’t reveal the full picture. TV shows and movies use this strategy a lot as they release teasers way ahead of even the first trailers to ready their audience to expect what is coming. They in turn start sharing the teasers and then trailers and generate organic buzz.

Have Your Audience Compete

Competitions are a fun and interactive way to generate positive word-of-mouth about your brand. People like to compete and like to win things and these positive feelings are easily translated to brands that can come up with relevant contests for their audiences. These positive experiences help people remember your company for a long time.

There are many ways a company can distinguish themselves from others and cut through the noise surrounding their audience. The key is to understand what resonates with your target market and what channels do they actively tap into for information. Generating buzz can be easy if you know your audience well so make sure you research.

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