Comparison: lease vs. Purchase of the device

Many people ask us what is better from the customer’s point of view – buying a copier or renting a copier?

1 . Responsibility

When thinking about buying a device, our customers usually assume that the selected device will meet their requirements for many years to come, and when choosing a device, they are guided by their own experience, opinions of friends, colleagues, opinions available on the Internet or simply our advice. . Year it will turn out that our client has incorrectly defined his needs or has simply changed during this time?

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As part of the lease, we enable our clients to change the equipment during the term of the contract, and the costs of such a change are incomparably lower than in the case of the need to sell the previous equipment and purchase another one. The lease agreement is more flexible and better protects your interests in an ever-changing working environment.

In addition, the process of selecting a device for lease is much simpler, because it is the state that determines the requirements and we choose the most appropriate equipment for you, we are also fully responsible for the technical condition of the device during the term of the contract, which is particularly important in the case of post-lease devices.


2. Costs

Opinions are divided here, looking at the cost of service in the first months, invoices will definitely be higher than in the case of on-demand service, this is due to the fact that the cost of expensive repairs is spread over time, but what is a better solution for the customer?

Let’s divide the cost of the lease into two parts, the operating part related to the cost of printing and the depreciation part related to the cost of the device.

We can say that the buyer of the lease simultaneously purchases two services included in one price, the service of maintaining the technical condition of the device (service contract) and the service consisting in renting the equipment itself.

From our experience, the bills of customers who have decided on a service contract compared to the usual “on-demand service” (the customer calls only when something broke) are in the long term lower by about 30%, in the case of a lease, the equivalent of such a service contract is already included in the price devices! The depreciation charge is the expected loss in value of the equipment during the lease period, let’s look at how these costs are distributed on the example of the lease of specific equipment.

Standard offer for the lease of a used Ricoh MP 201 SPF series copier (current value of about 1000 USD net):

The total cost of the lease – USD 100 net (including 3,000 free prints, each above a fee of 2.5 groszy net / page)

Operating part of the lease – 3000 x USD 0.025 net = USD 75 net

The depreciation part of the lease – 100 – 75 = 25 USD net

In this example, the question remains whether you prefer to spend USD 1000 net immediately or pay the lease installment in the amount of USD 25 net per month. A simple calculation assumes that the purchase of equipment pays off only if the equipment is replaced less frequently than every 40 months!


3. Predictability

In the case of a lease, you settle for real consumption and the cost of any repairs is spread over time, so you will never be surprised by the expensive repair! Despite the development of technology, there are still no devices that would never require visits by a service technician or replacement of parts and consumables, and regardless of the choice, each device will require expenditure on operation, it depends on you whether you prefer to know the costs in advance or if you prefer to determine costs on the occasion of each fault.

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