Columbus’ Kimberly Blackwell on success as a Black woman marketing CEO

Kimberly Blackwell has superpowers: “I can see around corners and provide solutions,” says the CEO of PMM Agency, the Columbus-based marketing, advertising and new media agency. 

And, like many superheroes, Blackwell has a secret identity. Sort of. While she’s not exactly a stranger to the C-suites of Columbus, “I do seem to be better known nationally than in Columbus,” muses the head of PMM, which has provided services for several well-known brands including Toyota, Walmart, Jackson-Hewitt and ViacomCBS. 

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Like other superheroes, Blackwell’s origin story also is clouded in a bit of mystery. For example: her age. “Forty-something,” is all she’ll say. PMM? “I don’t say what it stands for, we just use the initials.” So many possibilities for three letters. And then there’s her father, Ken Blackwell. “He had a brief stint with the Dallas Cowboys,” is all Blackwell initially said about her father, when describing her childhood in Cincinnati.