Best Poshmark Bot Reviews – Which One Is The Best?

Best Poshmark Bot Reviews – Which One Is The Best?

Best Poshmark Bot Reviews

First of all, Poshmark bot reviews aren’t easy to come by as most users are not willing to reveal the secret to their ever-growing sales.  

Even if you do come across detailed Poshmark bot reviews, who has time to read that?

Being a seller is my full-time job and it is like working all day with just food breaks or social gatherings now and then. 

So, allow me to save your time and patience. I will only be reviewing the best Poshmark bot in the market based on my personal experience of a year. 

Firstly, you need to decide which options you are looking for in reviews. They must suit your needs the most. Since you are here because you are a seller like me, I’m just going to cut to the chase and enlist features you should be eyeing for.

Get A Bot That Functions Like A Human

My recommendation is to always use a browser extension instead of separate software. This eliminates the chances of your account being flagged by Poshmark because the clicks are spaced enough to avoid detection. Moreover, you are then likely to avoid Share Jail on Poshmark. Additionally, this saves you the 24 hour jail period too. 

A Simple Interface   

Poshmark bot reviews

Most software bots out there try to add as many features as possible. However, as a simple-minded human, I became confused. I prefer using one which gives a familiar feel like Poshmark. Look for bots that avoid technical jargon. 

Not too Expensive

The rule is simple. If the subscription is over $50-$100, the bot is not worth my hard-earned Poshmark money. I don’t mind paying for quality service, but monthly subscriptions of such overpriced products just don’t do anything different than any other bot out there. 

Look for ‘Auto’ Features 

Try to find as many automated features as possible. This ensures one-click solutions to all your Posher problems. Some of the most common auto features that you will find in best poshmark bot reviews are:

  1. Auto-follow and Unfollow 
  2. Auto-Share for your entire closet

Some special auto-features to be looking out for:

  1. Auto-Commentator 

This is for when you are not around to answer each query in your closet. We have lives outside of Poshmark too!


This also falls under the one-click Poshmark experience chart. Make sure the bot you settle with doesn’t get stuck each time Google CAPTCHA pops up. 

Now, the important question.


Which Poshmark Bot Has The Best Reviews? 

Poshmark bot reviews

Poshmark Pro Tools

I’ve been using this tool for a year now and no other bot has managed to come close to its simplicity and effectiveness yet. However, the world of Poshmark Bot keeps introducing new products and I wouldn’t mind testing out any others too. But, so far I’m sticking to this one. 

Important Features: 

  1. Auto Follow 
  2. Auto Unfollow 
  3. Scheduled Follow and Unfollow; you control the number of follows per day
  4. Auto Sharing of your entire closet to your followers 
  5. Auto Sharing to other parties 
  6. Auto Commenting on questions raised by buyers
  7. Editing of your closet
  8. Organizing and rearranging of your closet 
  9. CAPTCHA Solving 

I saved the best feature for last, IT’S FREE. If your closet list contains less than 50 items, Poshmark Pro Tools allow free hundred shares per day. This is enough to get your items sold. However, if you have more than 100+ times, then the paid version is a good investment for $14.99 per month. 

What is your favorite Poshmark bot in 2020?

Do you have another Poshmark bot in mind that I should review? Leave me a comment and let me know. 

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