AWS Modern App Development Specialization at Coursera

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced four new AWS Modern Application Development Specializations at Coursera. This leads to a certificate aimed at showing that you are ready for thousands of new jobs that require cloud skills.

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As more and more organizations are migrating their operations to the cloud, it’s time to acquire the demanding skills needed to build modern serverless applications in the AWS cloud.

From an administrative perspective, Maureen Lonergan, director of AWS Training and Certification, said:

“As organizations move their applications to the cloud and build more native applications in the cloud, they are facing real-world skill gaps, hoping to adopt a way out of skill issues. Managers are facing a shallow candidate pool. Now is the time to rethink their approach and invest in training existing IT talent. These for developing the latest applications for Coursera learners. With AWS Specialization, developers can build new skills to drive business innovation, massive growth, and advance their careers. ”

Here are new specializations that extend Coursera’s already wide range of AWS-related courses:

As the title suggests, each is intended for different programming environments (Python, Java, .NET, Node.js). These are for developers and DevOps engineers with basic to intermediate coding experience, but no prior knowledge of AWS. It is designed to teach you basic skills and knowledge about building on AWS, building API-driven applications using AWS services, and using Amazon DynamoDB. Supports the latest applications.

Labs are an important part of this area of ​​expertise, and the task is to build AWS-hosted websites using only serverless services and focus on using the AWS SDK and AWS CLI. Students first create a front-end website, then a back-end API, add authentication to that API, create a back-end computing function, create an asynchronous reporting workflow, and then implement distributed tracing. And use the monitoring feature to improve the performance of distributed applications. .. You’ll also learn how to develop with Amazon DynamoDB using the AWS Software Development Kit (AWS SDK) through multiple exercises.

Depending on the programming language you choose, your area of ​​expertise has three or four courses. There are four versions of Python and Java, but the ones related to .NET and Node.js stop at three.

The first course common to all versions is AWS Cloud Technical Essentials And we have already reported it as an introductory part AWS Fundamentals Specialization.. After completing this course, you will be able to make informed decisions about when and how to apply your core AWS services for computing, storage, and databases to different use cases. You can also gain insights into cloud security by reviewing AWS’s sharing of responsibilities model and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). You can also understand how to use AWS services to monitor and optimize your cloud infrastructure.

The following is a language-specific version. Build the latest applications on AWS Which one Reported when it was released in October 2020 Explain that the task is to build a modern greenfield serverless backend on AWS. Learners will explore how to build API-driven applications using Amazon API Gateway for serverless API hosting, AWS Lambda for serverless computing, and Amazon Cognito for serverless authentication. You’ll also learn how to create and manage Lambda functions, and how to use AWS services in your programming language to optimize your API across serverless workflows.

The third course is Amazon DynamoDB: Building NoSQL database-driven applications And it’s an introduction to NoSQL databases and the challenges they solve. Find out more about Amazon DynamoDB, covering topics such as recovery, SDKs, partition keys, security and encryption, global tables, stateless applications, streams, and best practices.

The fourth course in the Python and Java versions is about using Amazon CodeGuru to improve the quality of your code by automatically identifying issues and vulnerabilities. Students will learn how to use CodeGuru Reviewer to detect problems and identify recommendations. In this course, CodeGuru Reviewer will show you how to find code anomalies and show you how to understand and apply automated suggestions. This adds about 5 hours to the specialization and sounds like a time-worthy investment. Coursera suggests that this Spacialzation takes an average of 3 hours a week and takes 4 months, but with Coursera in mind to charge a $ 49 / month subscription, many learners are more You will find that it can be completed in a short span.

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