A Beginner’s Guide to Web Application Development (2021)

Cecilia Nysing

Web application development can be a challenging task for non-coders. If you are doing it for the first time then you need to know about the process of web application development. Web application is focused on interacting with the browsers and here you cannot use standard engineering processes. You can use different programs like, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for building your web application. A web app is an interactive computer program that can be used by multiple people at a time, or you can also develop your app for a single user.

A Beginner’s Guide to Web Development

To start the web application development, you need to understand the CRUD. It means, create, read, update and delete. You must make your web application compatible for major browsers, like Google Chrome and Mozilla, and you can add a login or signup mechanism in your app.

What are progressive web apps?

These are the different types of web applications that are known as native web apps, and you can add some features in your native app including services for workers, manifests and push notifications. People can download such native apps on their computers and save a shortcut on their home screen. They can also use such apps offline. You can find some popular progressive web apps like Mailchimp, Google Docs, Notion, Airtable, Xero and Salesforce and more.

How would you develop a web application?

web application development

Web application development is a time-consuming job and you need to plan a framework for your web app before you initiate a project. In this case, identify the probable problems of your app can help you a lot because solutions are born from your problems only. Once you plan your app, you can transform your workflow into a wireframe. Through this platform, you can easily communicate with your users.

Do not launch your web application before test it on live mode. You can give your wireframe to the users at free of cost and get their feedback. It will help you to remove unwanted errors from your web application.

Build your database:

In the case of web application development, you need to decide the database that you need to store in your app. In this case, you can build your frontend and backend databases. Frontend database is the wireframe of your app which you need to validate at the early stage of your app development. You can use HTML, CSS and JavaScript for your frontend framework. But, backend framework of your app will provide the HTTP endpoints, and here you need to deal with the users and their authentication.

Test your web app:

You cannot release your app without testing it and you need to test your web app several times during your web app development. You can test it manually, and you must test the functionality, security, performance or speed and compatibility of your app before you launch it online.

Host your web application:

As a beginner, hosting a web application can be a difficult work, because you need to host your app on a server. Similar to your website, you need to buy a domain and a hosting plan for you web app, and you should choose a reliable cloud hosting provider in this regard. You can use a CI tool to transfer your app from your machine to cloud platform.

How would you develop frameworks for your web application?


Building frameworks for web applications is easier than coding a website, and you can save your time by using various tools available online. Frameworks are related to your databases, and you need to develop frontend and backend frameworks for your app. For the frontend framework, you can use HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and you can use some meta-programs for your backend frameworks.

For example, you can use Rails for your backend frameworks. It is a meta-program based in Model-View-Controller (MVC) and you can use this framework for your small project. If you want to use a high-level python framework for your web application then you can use Django. It is better to use this framework for your scientific programming project.

Beginners tend to work on PHP because it is one of the easiest programming languages. You can also develop your backend framework on PHP and you can use Laravel in this regard. It has a model-view-controller architectural pattern and you can find lot of tools here to complete your app faster.

It is better to use JavaScript for your frontend app development, and you can use React, Vue, or the Svelte for the same. These are the powerful data libraries where you can store your frontend database. But make sure, you must choose the best framework according to your project size. For example, you can choose React developed by Facebook for your small to medium size projects. On the other part, Svelte can make your work easier with its various pre-set tools.

Why would you hire a Magento developer for web application development?


You can hire an experienced Magento developer for your storefront web application development. Magento 2.0 has PWA Storefront and you can use its Adobe Commerce for your frontend framework. It is the largest e-commerce solution that can provide a seamless web development process and your developer can use the Venia tools to create PWAs.

Magento developers can use the architecture of this CMS and they can use GraphQL API layer to provide complete flexibility to their users. You do not need to wait for a year to develop your storefront web app and hire a Magento developer to develop your web app over PWA Studio-based platform. Here, developers can use page builder of Magento, and they can easily drag and drop their content to make their app flexible and compatible for any browser. Moreover, you do not need to buy any cloud-based hosting plan for your Magento web application.

To know more, you can search for the best Magento developers online and choose the best one for your storefront web application development. If you are a beginner and want to design your e-commerce web application by your own, then you need to learn such Magento tools before you initiate your app development project.

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