9 Social Media Marketing Experts to Start Following on Instagram

Marketers are always waiting for the latest expert ideas and tips to help them get an upper edge over the competition. And everyone’s always searching for ways to make reaching audiences through Instagram even more effective.

The good news is, in addition to using social media to engage with different audiences around the world, it’s also quite useful for learning more about how to create content and effective ad campaigns from social media experts as well.

With all of this in mind, let’s now take a look at some of the best Instagram profiles to start following that will provide you with an excellent and endless supply of awesome strategies, techniques, and examples to start implementing today.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is the best-selling author of the New York Times and a famous marketing guru, and his Instagram is very helpful to marketers, especially SEO and content marketers. His account offers plenty of tips and inspiring business quotations AND uses IGTV to post brief video guides ranging from Google Analytics expertise to content strategy tips. Trust us, and these posts are worth your time on their own.


Every marketing expert and company owner is familiar with HubSpot’s brand and products, but their social media pages are worth keeping track of. They post hints and checklists, but the thing that truly separates HubSpot’s Instagram is the maps and statistics they share. Though Instagram marketing material is mostly anecdotal or generic, HubSpot provides vivid maps and detailed facts that will help you get a greater understanding of the industry as a whole.

Dain Walker

Dain Walker is a marketing strategist who follows a very popular Instagram. Not only is the material very helpful, but it has a lot of diversity. Walker will take a very deep look at a particular topic, such as hashtags and brand advertising. It also offers general content and industry advice. His range is well made, too, and doesn’t anyone want to look at artistically appealing content?

Social Chain

Social Chain is a global marketing firm that operates mostly on social media. They rank brands, tactics, and social media numbers for most big businesses and what social media platforms do best. Their Instagram combines many of their figures with interesting graphics, making it easier to visualize the numbers they’re offering. If you’re in digital marketing (and frankly, who aren’t these days?), this profile is going to make it happen.

Famoid Blog

When it comes to influencer growth and improving reach on social media, Famoid is a name that many people will come across and find a lot of value in. Through the use of their blog, you will find numerous resources, case studies, content creation and marketing tips, and also expert interviews on the latest social media marketing strategies that are working today. If you are doing anything in the social media influencer space, this is another great name to follow.

Steve Mellor

Steve Mellor is known primarily for Instagram marketing and development tactics, making it a brilliant follow-up for people looking to strengthen their Instagram marketing approach. It puts out many basic guidelines and tactical material that advertisers can use to drive more traffic and turn clicks to consumers. Mellor’s account is a perfect place to get started if you want to learn how to meet more people on social media platforms.

Emily Lagrange

This account comes from a personal customer who happens to be a social media marketer. In her statement, she offers quality and practical advice on social media marketing by photographs. Yes, you wouldn’t think it, but you’ll see many graphs and charts teaching tactics and advice on social media marketing when you explore their account. They’re even modified with the newest trends that make it easy for you to look at the pic, and you don’t have to continue reading texts.

Influencer Marketing Hub

When talking about social media marketing, it would be tough to not bring up the topic of influencer marketing… and that’s exactly what Influencer Marketing Hub focuses all of their efforts on. They have an amazing website that provides a ton of value in learning how to find the best influencers within your industry, and also how to get in touch with them. Before reaching out to any influencers for your next marketing campaign, be sure to first read through their site and the information they have to share on social media.


You can join @socinova for quick tips. This account provides quick and easy-to-understand social media advice that advertisers should use for their campaigns and businesses. The account offers a concise and clear text that is very easy to understand but will yield positive results. Socinova also has some fun and inspiring images to inspire social media advertisers today.

How to Improve Your Social Reach with IG Influencer Tips

Social networking marketing influencers give their fans immense importance. They appreciate how startups run and what it’s all like to be an entrepreneur. The best thing is that each of these marketing influencers has engaging, committed social media groups where they exchange professional insights and ideas that you can use every day in your job, free of charge.

To learn more about how to increase your own performance and reach through the internet and social media, be sure to read our latest guides on why your site rankings dropped and how to start using a SERP checker to monitor when, where and why your rankings have recently shifted. Each of these guides are extremely useful, and are continually updated with the most recent SEO findings and algorithm news.

Published April 26th, 2021

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