10 Tips for Choosing the Right App

During the new normal, the number of online and offline project management apps increased multifold. Nowadays, there are hundreds of apps that can help you steer a business project efficiently while managing a team of collaborators.

If you are interested in purchasing task management software, you should find out whether the application is flexible and scalable enough to meet your goals. Read on to learn how to choose the right online task manager.

What Is an Online Task Management Software?

Online Task Management app

A business project includes multiple dependent or independent tasks. Each team member is responsible for one or more tasks. Multiple tasks involve many start and end dates, a time budget, a cost budget, resource allocation, reminders, reports, documents, etc.

When sophisticated computer software manages all of these aspects of a project, it’s known as task management software. The onset of the pandemic convinced thousands of companies to adopt remote work. As a result, task management apps are now online and hosted on cloud servers.

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Standard Features of Online Task Management Apps

As online task tracker apps demand increased, many IT services and software development firms are offering versatile apps for project management. However, most of these apps come with a set of standard features essential for basic project management. These features are as follows:

1. Elaborate Task List Viewer

Most of the online task management apps include a task view screen. Here you can see all the tasks and subtasks of any ongoing or finished projects.

2. Kanban Board

The Kanban board display

Advanced online task manager app will include Kanban board to implement Kanban for efficient project management at individual or organizational level. The apps digitally visualize Kanban boards that show columns for Pending, In Progress, and Completed task statuses and cards as actual tasks.

3. Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart is the core project management feature of any online task tracker app. Gantt charts illustrate project progress through the stacked horizontal bar graph method. It can also visualize task dependencies, time spent, and the current status of the tasks.

4. Email or Messaging App Notification

Online project management apps also emphasize keeping everyone in the loop by offering real-time project status and activity updates. Whenever the app detects any changes in the task list, it immediately notifies the assigned resource and the project owner.

5. Time Tracking

Online task management apps come with an automatic timekeeping program to track productivity hours, resource utilization, project budget, billing hours, etc. Project owners can make real-time decisions by seeing the time usage performance of the project.

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6. Task Filters and Tags

Most online task manager app comes with task tagging and filtering options. The project owner can set specific tags, like priority work, accountable department, specific skills, delivery deadline, phase of development, etc. Team members can easily filter out tasks based on these tags to find the correct task.

7. Team or Client Communication

Team connect and collaboration

Standard online task management apps started offering a section for internal and external communications. These apps include modules like video conferencing, voice calls, and text messaging.

8. Report Generation, File Storage, and Sharing

Task management apps also offer report creation facilities to visualize project performance, resource budget, underperforming resources, task issues, project bottlenecks, etc.

You can also export reports as spreadsheets or PDF and email them to the team or client. These apps also allow project collaborators to store and securely share project-related critical files.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Task Management App

Task management software can enhance overall productivity and yearly revenue for businesses of any size. However, freelancers, individual entrepreneurs, and small businesses need to choose the best task management app that simplifies the task and not adding an extra workload.

Apart from the above standard features, you’ll also need to look for value-added features. Here are the top tips which will help you in buying the perfect online task manager app:

1. Centralized Tool Access Permissions

At the team or project level, there could be a conflict of interest between the collaborators. The app should allow central control for the project owner and local control for peers. The project admin should have the power to personalize access to the tool depending on the collaborator’s capacity.

2. Privacy and Confidentiality Control

In most freelancing or enterprise-level projects, it’s a challenge to keep personal information and intellectual property confidential. You should look for task management software that addresses data privacy concerns.

3. Cloud Platform Security

Cloud Platform Security

The best task management app should encrypt all outgoing and incoming data as per the latest internet communication security protocols. The encryption should also function when the app is at rest. You need to look for security features like:

  • Identity and access management (IAM) system.
  • The app is compliant with GDPR, DSGVO and SOC2.
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-Bit SSL Encryption.

4. Task Assignment and Notification

An efficient online task tracker should allow team members to assign tasks to their bucket from a central list of tasks. Additionally, features like a project manager assigning a task to a specific resource depending on the skillset will add value to the tool.

When a project owner assigns tasks or when a resource claims tasks, it should notify the responsible persons.

5. Sync With Personal Calendar

As the remote work trend is increasing, it’s highly recommended that your online task tracker app syncs with your personal calendar. If you can see all personal and professional daily tasks on one screen, you’ll be more efficient in delivering high productivity.

6. Third-Party App Integration

The best task management app should allow effortless integration with other apps like graphic designing, spreadsheet, word processor, email client, messaging, video conferencing, digital whiteboard, etc. Integration with professional apps enables you to find all project-related resources in one place.

7. Multi-Device Compatibility

Multi Device Compatibility for one app

Look for an online task tracker that allows you to log in from any device like Windows, macOS, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Chrome OS, etc. You’ll get more value for money if the app allows you to save progress on one device and start working from another device smoothly.

8. AI-Based Analytics

AI based analytics

Some task management apps also come with a built-in AI that generates high-level analytics about past projects. By taking insights from such reports, you can plan future projects more efficiently at a lesser budget.

9. Customer Support Access

Most apps nowadays offer customer support through chat, email, and phone. When buying an online task tracker app, find out if the developer provides adequate general and technical support services.

10. Pricing Structure

Look for an online task management app that offers a flexible pricing structure. Get an entry-level budget plan when you’re a budding team and scale up as your projects and resources increase.

Is an Online Task Management App Right for You?

A search for the best online task management app could use up a lot of your productivity hours. You can follow the above tips to get the perfect task management software for your business and avoid losing precious time.

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